Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs)

We are commited to digitizing more than 5,000 Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) in South Sudan.


Our VSLA SoftWare

Our System is accessed via USSD on *355# accross all networks in South Sudan and through our ``Cresta`` Android App. Cresta is a VSLA and Cooperative Management Solution which mimics the 3 Core traditional VSLA methodology.

The Easiest Possible VSLA Onboarding

After Submission of all the Legal (KYC) Documents of the Registered VSLA, an Account is then created on our Backend System giving admin rights to the 3 key admins at every VSLA.

View Transactional Data

The 3 VSLA Admins are able to view all transactional Data for all their Members. They can also make all required Chnages about their VSLA here

View All Reports

The 3 Core Admins of the VSLA are able to view all kinds of required User Reports. All reports can be exported to Excel

Interface for VSLA Group Admins

This can be held by an assigned group member as a group administrator. The interface allows for setting of group byelaws (determination of price of a share, interest rate, maximum shares, and payment period), ability to determine the group cycle, close cycle, and update data on the cloud.

Manage Members

Register individual group member and assign pins and to see the total group savings/ earnings/loans outstanding etc.

Manage Virtual Members and view all reports

OverSee Member Tasks

Give rights to members to save and buy shares (usually maximum of 5 at a time in line with the group bye laws), allow members to take loans, and enables members to pay their social fund contribution and to pay fines.

Interface for Members

The member interface allows for saving (which is to buy shares), view total savings made, loans repayment pending and loan due dates. It also allows members to view past transactions.

Member Activities

Take Loans, Make Loan repayments, View Account statements, Make savings, Buy shares, etc

View Individual Member Reports

Members can view all their individual reports for any given period

VSLAs Sign up in 3 Steps!

The traditional Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) and Rural Cooperative savings operations have not realized their full potential with the current traditional System. With our Software we give a great Opportunity to any VSLA to Digitize all their Processes. They can apply in 3 easy steps


Register your VSLA

Register your VSLA and become a legal Entity. We only work with registered VSLA's that have legal papers from State Authorities


Sign Up to Get Started

Once the VSLA has been fully registered, they need to submit all their legal documents to Adroite Technologies along with a VSLA resolution to signup


Train Members

Train your members to use the system on our Mobile App or on our USSD Code on *355# accross all Networks in South Sudan.


Easy to Use Software for Every VSLA

We are committed to digitizing and symplifying all business processes of every VSLA in South Sudan. Our Software offers grest advantages;

  • No need to worry about Security risks of theft/fire for cash in physical boxes

  • Statements and Proper Safekeeping of Records for Members

  • Strengthen social cohesion and promoting trust among members particularly in post conflict situations in comparison to VSLA

  • Encourage group investments and all groups partaking in absolute profit sharing

Security of Funds

All funds are safely Kept at the wallets of the Telecom Networks

Realtime Reconciliation

Our system is embeded with an Accounting System for realtime reconciliation

Social Cohesion

The spirit of working together promotes peace in the community

Group Invenstments

Community led investments inturn lead to development